Rent To Own

Start Building Your Equity Today!

Don’t waste rent money! Earn credits towards your new home

Use earned rent credit cash to help save up for bank required down payment

Earn rent credit cash while you become eligible to purchase the home in your desired price range

Equity homes, Inc has a limited amount of beautiful new condos, town homes, twin homes, and single family homes that are available to rent and receive builder cash credits towards purchase of any Equity Homes, inc property.

  • Receive 50% of each month’s rent credited towards the purchase of any home from Equity Homes, Inc.
  • Rent credits will add up each month up to a maximum of 4% of the purchase price of the home you qualify for to purchase.
  • Purchase price of the home will be determined at the time when buyer is fully prequalified to purchase with lending institution and a closing date can be set.
  • Lessee/buyer is not required to purchase the home they are renting to redeem builder rent credits. You are able to purchase any home from Equity Homes, Inc, however if you purchase the home you are renting you may qualify for bonus rent credit cash.


If rent is $1200 a month, and the home you wish to purchase is $250,000.00, you can receive rent credits each month of $600.00 up to a maximum of $10,000.00 towards purchase. This money can be used for down payments, closing costs or whatever you would need to help qualify to purchase your new home.Contact us for availability and more details